Auditions / Rehearsals

Children’s Chorus: Grades 3-12 (Tuition $200)

The Children’s Chorus includes boys and girls with unchanged voices in the 3rd through 12th grades. Qualifications are a good voice, a good sense of pitch, and a commitment to regular attendance at rehearsals and performances.

To schedule an audition, call 940-391-4085 or e-mail The audition is a very simple, short process. Parents or guardians can bring their child and are encouraged to stay during the audition. A song does not have to be prepared ahead of time. There will be a $25 registration fee once a singer has joined the choir. This registration fee is part of the tuition. Scholarships are available as well.

Rehearsals will be on Mondays at the Kidd Key Auditorium at 400 N. Elm St. in Sherman. All safety guidelines will be in place due to COVID. Please email the director with any questions.

Also, ask the director about Grads’ Chorus if singers have been in the Children’s Chorus for at least two years, and they are at least juniors in high school and older. Thank you!

When we teach children to sing in unison,
we are really teaching them how to work together.
When we teach children healthy singing,
we are really teaching them self-respect.
When we teach children the poetry of song,
we are really teaching them how to express their feelings.
When we teach children music,
we are really teaching them discipline for life.